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Fairytales / Children (don\'t) exist

Fairytales / Children (don\'t) exist (triptych)
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<b>Timeless beauty</b> <br /> This series doesn’t solely reflect about the end of life, but about its cycle as well. It is vulnerable and axiomatic at the same time. Installation: moving timeline with about 1.800 pictures (Duration: 3 minutes)

Dreams of seven nights

Dreams of seven nights

Self determination

A work about making choices, decisions, and self-determination.

Cigarette cards

From socially accepted to socially disgusted.</br>Appropriation Found Photography
</br>896 images – Size per image: H 7,5 cm x W 6 cm – Total size: H 240 cm x W 170 cm

Shadows on the run

My work is not an indictment against society, it just exists! Work in progress


Things you may have missed Initially, this work was dedicated to my parents, my brother and my sisters, who hadn’t been part of my childhood due to various circumstances. Creating this series, I suddenly realised they haven’t been missing my childhood, it was me missing them. Hence, it had no use to address this work to them, but rather to the one who’s willing to share his or her memories of childhood.